Lab Made Opal Jewelry and How they are Created

Opal is a very good-looking and very precious stone among the jewels out there, but since its good looks and quality come with a very high price, the lab made opal jewelry is being sought after by many people nowadays. Opal is found to have a variety of benefits especially in healing which is why those who are intro astrology consider this as “a-must” jewelry. But what are some of the other reasons why you should choose the lab-made version instead of the real and natural opal?

lab made opal jewelryThe Advantage of Lab Made Opal Jewelry

The primary thing that makes the lab-created opal desirable is its price. Naturally, compared to real opal, the lab-made version is cheaper. However, even if this man-made version is cheaper than real opal, it does not deprive you of the good looks the real ones have. These man-made opal jewels are even made more flawless and with good quality so you would look and feel like you are wearing the real thing. In other words, it is not real opal and it is cheaper but it looks very appealing like the real opal. Therefore, you don’t actually need to spend much just to wear something expensive.

Now, the question is, how are these lab-made opals made?

Methods Used in Creating Lab Made Opal Jewelry

  1. Opal Synthesis. This is the process of creating synthetic opal and this makes use of silica spheres arranged in a way that the real opal is arranged and simply pouring silica gels so that the result would be a hardened structure that looks opal-like already.
  2. Opal Imitation. This is the method of using an opal essence having the characteristics of real opal or using opalite, another material that resembles the looks of natural opal and shaping these opal imitations into real-looking jewelry.
  3. Opal Growing. This is the process of growing opals inside the lab by mixing opal dirt with liquid electrolytes. It’s like culturing opals inside the laboratory. The process only needs a few months before the opal can grow like natural opal jewels.

With the advantages of lab made opal jewelry and the several methods that make their existence possible, it is just right that before you think about buying real opal jewels, explore your option first as lab made opal jewelry is not only beneficial financially but also aesthetically.